Review of BBC’s so-called “The Big Questions”

The Big Questions: “Are Religions Unfair to Women?” A Review

This show is sexist because it has ladies speaking for most of the time, not that I have a problem with ladies – Christian or liberal – speaking. But isn’t it ironic that liberal secular society demands “rights” for women yet ultimately discriminates against men! This is, of course, how liberal secular society favors The Homosexual and is intolerant to those of us who hate the sin but reach out aggressively in love to love the sinner (in a godly and non-sexual way).

The show gives a prominent role to lady scholars. This might be good for liberal secular TV but good for the Word of God? I think not! I know not! While I don’t mind lady scholars having an opinion, sometimes Political Correctness goes too far. I think this show shows that Professor Thiselton was right all along: this show shows just why we all get so tired of shrill women talking about “clitorises” (whoever they are), “menstruation”, and a number of vulgar feminist words which I won’t repeat here and recommend you cover your ears when you get to the relevant parts. Truly this is the sort of thing we would expect from someone like Alanis Morissette. Our prayers go out to the host, Nicky Campbell, who had the uneviable task of having to referee this feral bunch.

One lady – who somehow claimed to be going to heaven – rejected the notion of the Bible being “black and white” and would like to question God about why He did not explain things more clearly in the Bible. No wonder Paul wanted Christianesses to calm down and be quiet – it’s as much for their own salvation as ours. (I should add that I call God a “He” rather than a “she” because it is best to use non-gendered language when describing God who isn’t a gender, as one non-Christian rightly remarked – and shut them all up – in his desperate grasping for The Truth.)

However, this show is an accidental advert for Soft Complementarianism. It shows why ladies should have an opinion but not teach because, while they keep harping on and on and on, they predictably can’t agree with each other! I could have told them that beforehand and saved us all the bother! That they don’t just agree on the Plain Meaning of the Scripture is precisely why the Lord has decreed that women must not be leaders in the church.

The show had some more positive points. It was good to see lady humans powerfully argue for the headship of man. One Christianess rightly pointed out that secularism is “brutal”. Through the glass darkly, certainly, but some light at least gets through!

A final point: for those who live outside the fold of Versailles, Missouri, and only watch Mark Driscoll’s MegaChurch TV, I should warn you that this show is from the socialist-liberal British Broadcasting Corporation and that there are a number of Pagans and Idolaters (both men and lady idolaters – the Devil cares not for complementary difference in his satanic flock). There are Jews too but that’s fine because Jesus and Paul were Jews, as were all the Christians, and still are when you think about it.

Dirk’s conclusion: Other religions are unfair to women but Soft Complementarianism recognises their different roles and is entirely fair to ladies.

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