Agreeing with Mark Driscoll: A Nagging Woman IS like water torture: but not like full-on torture

Mark Driscoll has a wonderful way of putting family relationships into the proper perspective. In this video, he talks about a nagging wife, one who refuses the submission obliged to her husband, just as we are all obliged to submit to Christ the head of the Church.

Mark Driscoll illustrates the "crazy cycle" caused by nagging women

Mark Driscoll illustrates the “crazy cycle” caused by nagging women

Mark Driscoll rightly points out that a nagging wife is like the water torture used against American prisoners of war, like the terrorists in the Guantanamo Bay high-security prison facility. Now, as the USA respects the human rights of all men, we do not engage in full-on torture like what happens in the Middle East. A woman’s nagging is therefore like “torture” in kind of scare-quotes, because it is not really torture at all. But nagging can surely be likened to torture, especially if, like Mark Driscoll, you do so in a light-hearted and humorous manner.

It is a pity, then, that the liberal secular media have chosen not to take notice of Mark Driscoll’s careful distinction between water “torture” and proper, full-on torture, when he compared a nagging wife to water “torture.” No matter how careful a Christian is, the liberal secular media will immediately jump down our throats when we dare to describe the natural order of God’s creation for men and women. And they claim that they are “tolerant!” The truth is that they are anything but “tolerant,” however. Quite the opposite, as the liberal secular media shows itself to be intolerant of the Christian perspective on the proper role for women.

So not only does Mark Driscoll describe biblical truth, and does so with good-natured humor, but he shows respect for his wife that could provide a lesson or two for some members of the liberal secular media.

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