Apostasy Now!

It is with great disappointment we learn that Dr Michael Bird has given up his complementarianism (hard and soft) and become a secular liberal Bible scholar. While we would not presume to know what God knows, surely Pastor Randy is correct in his scripturally loyal judgment that Dr Michael has strayed from the narrow path. Dr Michael’s new book certainly has a title which still incorporates soft male dominance (Bourgeois Babes, Bossy Wives, and Bobby Hair Cuts: A Case for Gender Equality in Ministry) but falling from the grace of Christ is to renounce repentance as the Apostle Paul teaches us.

However, Dr Michael’s book is in a series of three Yuletide e-books released by Zondervan, the home of critical Bible scholarship. Two of the three are written by men and the third and final book symbolically restores the order of creation because it is written by a lady who shows complementarianism is not sexist because it allows ladies to promote and write the truth of Scripture in an e-book whilst reserving leadership roles for men. As Dr Michael writes: “to round up the series, Katherine Keller (wife of Tim Keller) has her own book on a similar topic”.

The Wife of Tim Keller, Jesus, Justice and Gender Roles: A Case for Gender Roles in Ministry

This original digital short by author Kathy Keller, co-founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, offers a personal and challenging perspective on biblical gender roles and the complementarian view—a preference for reserving certain leadership positions in ministry for men.

Complementarianism encompasses a range of disciples and views. We are undecided if the wife of Tim Keller is allowed to give public readings of her book or should be allowed to read to lady Christians in special house church gatherings.



SPCE have confirmed that Dr Michael has indeed become a Biblical Feminist 😦

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3 Responses to Apostasy Now!

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  2. Ulm says:

    ‘Pastor’ Randy’s biblical judgment of Bird’s book was based on having never read it. Barely sound grounds for you to base an article on, is it? Usually I find you have to read a book in order to know if it is a fair treatment of the subject matter or not. But Randy seems to be relying on his ungodly power of ESP, rather than rational thought strengthened by the Holy Spirit. Try reading you might be challenged, you might disagree, you might even form a judgment — but at least you will have read something, rather than just reacting like Randy.

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